International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers
Local 508, Savannah, GA

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History of the Electrical Workers Local No. 508
(written in 1955)

    International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Local Union 508 organized November 4, 1916, with approximately eleven members; now the membership exceeds five hundred. It must be remembered however, that even though No. 508 is 39 years old, there are still several members holding membership much older than the Local Union.

    Chartered officers were J.T. Hill, President; M. Raines, Vice President; Henry Tollie, Recording Secretary, and W.S. Shattuck Financial Secretary and Business Manager. Other charter members were C.C. Atkins, H.G. Lucrer, E.L. Cannon, W.C. Sloop, A.J. Tollie, Richard Doyle, and C.G. Robinson. The following are present officers of Local Union No. 508. R.B. Pead, President; C.C. Waid, Vice President; W.E. Bray, Financial Secretary; A.F. Oldiges, Recording Secretary; H.H. Tuten Treasurer, and M.J. Counihan, Business Manager.
    In 1916 the Electrical Workers wage rates were 40 cents per hour. The membership has experienced steady increases until at present the wage rate is $3.00 per hour, and on July 1, 1956, will increase to $3.10 per hour. The record of construction work for the Local has all the outstanding jobs in Georgia and four counties in South Carolina. One of the most recent jobs was the completion of a unit for the Savannah Electric and Power Co.
    The membership is in the process of performing an expansion for the Union Bag and Paper Corp. at Brunswick, Georgia. The members from that city are performing a Radar School Installation for the U. S. Navy, located at Glynco, Ga. This job is composed of very highly secretive radar equipment furnished by R.C.A. Work is being done at Parris Island Marine Base, the Auxiliary Air Field at Beaufort, S.C., Travis Field, Camp Stewart Chatham Field and hospitals, schools and other larger jobs in Waycross, Ga. The Local Union has recently organized the Electrical Workers at Hercules Powder Company, Brunswick, Ga., the Rayonier Corp. at Jesup, Ga. and the American Cyanamid Plant, Savannah, Ga. 

    The Local union meetings are held on the second and fourth Thursdays of each month at 8 o’clock at the newly built home of the Electrical Workers Union, Bull at 39th Street. The Executive Board meets on the off Thursdays during the month. We are in hopes that the progress of our Local Union will advance as it has done in the last eight years.


Do you think every hard working man or woman should earn a fair days wage?

Do you earn a fair wage?

Do you think every hard working man or woman should have insurance on himself or herself and their family paid for by their employer?
Do you have good insurance for you and your family paid for by your employer? 

Do you think every hard working man or woman should have a pension plan to take care of them so that they can retire and enjoy their golden years? 

Do you have a good pension plan so you can retire and enjoy life some day? 

If you have answered “NO” to any of the preceding questions then you may want to contact our organizer, Tommy Connolly.

Tommy can answer any questions that you may have about joining the UNION and what it could mean to you and your family.

“We earnestly invite all workers belonging to our trade to come forward, join our ranks and help increase our numbers, until there shall be no one working at our trade outside of our Brotherhood."
Portion of the 1891 Preamble to the Constitution of the IBEW.

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